How We Will Lead Attleboro

Fiscal Stability

I will demand we pass a fiscally responsible budget that serves the needs of our City. As the former chair of the budget committee, I have an extensive understanding of the city budget and promise to maintain city services without additional impact on taxpayers.

Building a “New” Future for Attleboro Seniors

Working with our state delegation, I secured funding for the feasibility study, which started the planning process to build a new senior center. We urgently need a new building, and I am committed to making this a reality.

Keeping Attleboro Safe

My strong voting record of support for public safety is evident through my work on the City Council. I will continue to provide support and resources to keep Attleboro safe.


The quality and supply of water in Attleboro is one of my top priorities. I am committed to fixing and maximizing the water assets Attleboro currently owns. Investing in new technology can create efficiencies, reduce costs and eliminate redundancies in our water system.

Attleboro “Blue Pride”

Attleboro is at its best when we come together. For me, this is the definition of Blue Pride. I am dedicated to supporting our civic partners and providing opportunities to bring our community together to celebrate our City and all of our residents.

Housing Needs

Housing is a basic human need. I will focus on working with developers to provide safe housing for low-income families, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and our growing workforce. I am committed to encouraging green building practices and responsible growth.

Open Space & Public Parks

Our public park and open spaces are where our community comes together. I will work to improve and upgrade our existing facilities per our Master Plan and Open Space & Recreation Plan.

Attleboro First

I am committed to working with our State and Federal partners as well as other national organizations to bring awareness of the needs in our community. This collaboration will afford Attleboro leverage in obtaining millions of dollars in grant money to improve our community with no additional burden to the taxpayer.


Campaign Updates

“I am running for re-election to the City Council, because Attleboro is at its best when we come together, and together we will do great things!”


Meet Jay DiLisio

  • Current Council President

  • Five-term At Large City Councilor

  • Former Chair of Budget and Appropriations Committee

  • Former Vice-Chair of Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee

  • Former Member of Zoning and Land Use Committee

  • Former Member of Special Committee for Senior Tax Abatement

  • Assistant Registrar, Registry of Motor Vehicles

  • Former Attleboro Youth Sports Coach

  • Mentor of the Attleboro Youth Commission

  • Co-founder of Attleboro Drive-Thru Food Drives

  • Former Attleboro Police Commission Member

  • Former Attleboro Redevelopment Authority Member

  • Former Bank Manager; 14 years of Consumer and Business Experience

Thank you

Thank you for your support!

Attleboro Polling Locations

1Robert J Coelho Middle School99 Brown Street
2Murray Unitarian-Universalist Church505 North Main St
3Willet Elementary School32 Watson Ave
4LaSalette Shrine (Welcome Center)947 Park St
5LaSalette Shrine (Welcome Center)947 Park St
6Elk's Lodge #1014887 South Main St (Rt 152)

Need a Ride to the Polls? Call us Directly at 508-455-5464.